The Key is to never give up.

Dear Universe,

Its been way to long since I last wrote but to be fair the world has changed so much in the last couple of months or so and it takes time to adjust to all that goes on. I miss my red-headed counterpart as I haven't seen her since the insanity of the her visit with me last winter semester. I felt so bad about all that went down as it was supposed to be a fun relaxing time for us and it ended up just being drama and stress. I think that just comes with living on campus though... Now I live off campus again, in a little adorable pink house. I think she'd like it. It was built back in like the 1950s I think, and the garage has been converted to become my bedroom. Its very old but very fun and LOTS of street parking so if she ever does come to visit we can avoid all that stress. I highly recommend the Hotel de la Pink as we have very comfortable couches, a creepy basement and a spare mattress that has seen some better days ;p but the company is worth it. But who knows maybe I'll get to visit her instead once I have a car, which should be soon. I have so much to talk to her about and hear about. I know shes working in a school or something I love reading her social media posts about them. Me on the other hand, I am finishing up this semester with hopefully some good grades, and my first surgery as an adult under my belt, so I'm feeling fairly grown up and old! lol sometimes I wish I could rewind time to when it was me, the red-head and little miss Lindsey living together, things felt so much easier and simpler then. But I wouldn't trade those memories for the world, they have helped me grow so much and handle things so well.
Anyway I should grab some shut eye as I have to run choir tomorrow.