Thank the Lord for Chocolate, Redheads, and Glee

Hi Universe,
(I'm thinking we are gonna have to name this blog Universe if we keep at this)

So just read though Bekah's rendition of how we met, honestly speaking my crazy mind was so distracted and nervous on my first day at Canyon Terrace that I don't remember that day. But I do know this much, I talked WAY too much when I introduced myself because I was worried about being the new kid (again) and that hasn't changed. Also the first day I was there I creeped on Bekah WAY to much. I mean I literally walked from my room to hers like 10 times trying to get the nerves to ask her questions about herself and get to know her. I also drew a photo of her sitting at the kitchen table on her computer. I'm fairly certain I thought she was SO studious at the time. I would soon learn though that she was watching Glee which became a conjoining point in our friendship. I also agree I tried to drag her with me everywhere, especially because I thought it was strange that NO one knew who my roommates were.  (and she's so dang awesome that was criminal) Either way we're now really good friends, and I'm so glad to have her in my life for chinese food, ice cream, dance videos, romantic adventures, occasional accidental drownings during swimming lessons and so much more.

Love ya Bekah,