Hey Universe~

So there's not much to say right now. Life just keeps moving forward for the most part and unlike my poor redheaded counter part I have yet to face the many hardships of adulthood. In fact moving back onto campus has basically thrown me back into HS where all that matters is that I, A get good grades, B. don't spend money unwisely C. remember to eat and D. avoid all drama like the plague though it follows me so, in reality there is no escape..... ever. But I have a couple of shinning lights. My family, life full of opportunities though it is now pointed out how stupidly I treated my last semester of school. My friendly neighborhood red head that I miss terribly but still entertains me occasionally through text and blog. and my boys, and by boys I mean Kenny and David. Kenny calls once a month for a phone call marathon that throws off my sleep schedule but is worth it to hear the laughs and entertainment. David and me alternate messaging and video chatting every couple of days for a few hours at least, usually until he needs to go to bed so he's not a zombie driver on the highway to work or until I have to stop talking to him because my 5 hours of homework time has instead resulted in multiple inside jokes and funny youtube videos. Like today we talked about bronies and little black dresses which David was totally confused on. Also we talked about love letters and whats considered important in a love letter. This boy is soooo much fun to talk to but before you get any ideas miss yente the matchmaker no, we are not dating. We are just frienmies turning into besties entirely across the country from one another. Anyway can't wait to hear from you.

Your not so fiery brunette Lissa