Hello, Universe!

Hello, Universe!
Welcome to this duo blog, where I am writing from Washington as Melissa types from Utah.

To start off this splendiferous blog, Let me take you on a trip down my vague memory lane to begin getting you up to speed:

I was once told that someone who had a handful of true friends in their whole life would be a truly blessed person. What an understatement!

I remember meeting Melissa as if it happened yesterday, (which is quite a statement because I have a horrible memory on most days...I wonder if she will remember it the same way?): I was sitting on my bed in an overheated apartment in Provo, Utah, immersed in Netflix and becoming quite good at shutting myself down from the outside world. I hear a knock on the door and my other roommate talking to a girl whose voice I didn't recognize. I attempted to ignore it, after all I didn't have time for such nonsense as reality for I was immersed in the world of fiction, when door to my room opened and there she was: Loud, smiling, and talking so much that there was a moment I thought I wouldn't ever be able to get in a space to say, "Hey, I'm Rebekah"..silly me! She was from Virginia and had just driven all that way with her folks. It made sense then why she was talking to much. New humans were around. It reminded me how I felt after a long car ride. Her socialness was such a fresh change to my other roommates' shy and soft-spoken personality and my.... lack of one.

The more she talked to my other roommate and I, the more I realized that her personality clicked with the social and talkative part of my own from back home. When she left to unpack her things, I attempted to submerge myself back into "Glee" while thinking over this new roommate of mine. Deep down, below the stupidity of shutting out the outside world to void out the feeling of being homesick, I knew that Melissa and I would be friends one day.

For a few days she attempted, and failed, at getting me out of the apartment to go and become social with her. A part of me was just waiting for her to give up like everyone else, but the other part was thankful for her constant presence and persistence of wanting to get to know me. Finally, I gave up my own attempts of shutting myself away from this new person in my life, and oh boy have I never regretted it.

Oh, the stories...the memories, the laughs, and inside jokes..a strong foundation to a now lifelong friendship

Just keep following and you will read what I mean, for along with memories from the past and conversations from the present, you will witness the minds of two very different, but very entertaining individuals....

Fingers crossed that we aren't just funny to each other....