Dreams are made of this!

So, I am finally beginning to get my footing of this whole adult thing and then BAM! My car needed all new tires, brakes, and a front end alignment. Thank goodness for credit cards!
Work has been a little slow as well in the hours department, though I love every second of it too much to consider leaving it! Today, I got paid to go on a field trip to the aquarium! Not many jobs do that, so I consider myself lucky.
I am someone who loves life most when I am bringing joy to others and am using my own skills to assist young minds in growth and education, so that is why I love my AMAZING job so much...it is weird to even call it that on most days. It isn't all a cake walk but the goods and blessings by far outweigh the small moments of negativity :)

For sure this time in my life is the best yet all around, the only thing missing is good friends close by :)

Miss you, Melissa!

Over and out!