Sunday, December 6, 2015

Wishing for Fridays

Dear Bekah and Universe,

Oh what to say.
I miss you a lot Bekah but there is so much going on here that sometimes its just ways to crazy to find time to write.

The Key is to never give up.

Dear Universe,

Its been way to long since I last wrote but to be fair the world has changed so much in the last couple of months or so and it takes time to adjust to all that goes on. I miss my red-headed counterpart as I haven't seen her since the insanity of the her visit with me last winter semester. I felt so bad about all that went down as it was supposed to be a fun relaxing time for us and it ended up just being drama and stress. I think that just comes with living on campus though... Now I live off campus again, in a little adorable pink house. I think she'd like it. It was built back in like the 1950s I think, and the garage has been converted to become my bedroom. Its very old but very fun and LOTS of street parking so if she ever does come to visit we can avoid all that stress. I highly recommend the Hotel de la Pink as we have very comfortable couches, a creepy basement and a spare mattress that has seen some better days ;p but the company is worth it. But who knows maybe I'll get to visit her instead once I have a car, which should be soon. I have so much to talk to her about and hear about. I know shes working in a school or something I love reading her social media posts about them. Me on the other hand, I am finishing up this semester with hopefully some good grades, and my first surgery as an adult under my belt, so I'm feeling fairly grown up and old! lol sometimes I wish I could rewind time to when it was me, the red-head and little miss Lindsey living together, things felt so much easier and simpler then. But I wouldn't trade those memories for the world, they have helped me grow so much and handle things so well.
Anyway I should grab some shut eye as I have to run choir tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Hey Universe~

So there's not much to say right now. Life just keeps moving forward for the most part and unlike my poor redheaded counter part I have yet to face the many hardships of adulthood. In fact moving back onto campus has basically thrown me back into HS where all that matters is that I, A get good grades, B. don't spend money unwisely C. remember to eat and D. avoid all drama like the plague though it follows me so, in reality there is no escape..... ever. But I have a couple of shinning lights. My family, life full of opportunities though it is now pointed out how stupidly I treated my last semester of school. My friendly neighborhood red head that I miss terribly but still entertains me occasionally through text and blog. and my boys, and by boys I mean Kenny and David. Kenny calls once a month for a phone call marathon that throws off my sleep schedule but is worth it to hear the laughs and entertainment. David and me alternate messaging and video chatting every couple of days for a few hours at least, usually until he needs to go to bed so he's not a zombie driver on the highway to work or until I have to stop talking to him because my 5 hours of homework time has instead resulted in multiple inside jokes and funny youtube videos. Like today we talked about bronies and little black dresses which David was totally confused on. Also we talked about love letters and whats considered important in a love letter. This boy is soooo much fun to talk to but before you get any ideas miss yente the matchmaker no, we are not dating. We are just frienmies turning into besties entirely across the country from one another. Anyway can't wait to hear from you.

Your not so fiery brunette Lissa

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Dreams are made of this!

So, I am finally beginning to get my footing of this whole adult thing and then BAM! My car needed all new tires, brakes, and a front end alignment. Thank goodness for credit cards!
Work has been a little slow as well in the hours department, though I love every second of it too much to consider leaving it! Today, I got paid to go on a field trip to the aquarium! Not many jobs do that, so I consider myself lucky.
I am someone who loves life most when I am bringing joy to others and am using my own skills to assist young minds in growth and education, so that is why I love my AMAZING job so is weird to even call it that on most days. It isn't all a cake walk but the goods and blessings by far outweigh the small moments of negativity :)

For sure this time in my life is the best yet all around, the only thing missing is good friends close by :)

Miss you, Melissa!

Over and out!


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Thank the Lord for Chocolate, Redheads, and Glee

Hi Universe,
(I'm thinking we are gonna have to name this blog Universe if we keep at this)

So just read though Bekah's rendition of how we met, honestly speaking my crazy mind was so distracted and nervous on my first day at Canyon Terrace that I don't remember that day. But I do know this much, I talked WAY too much when I introduced myself because I was worried about being the new kid (again) and that hasn't changed. Also the first day I was there I creeped on Bekah WAY to much. I mean I literally walked from my room to hers like 10 times trying to get the nerves to ask her questions about herself and get to know her. I also drew a photo of her sitting at the kitchen table on her computer. I'm fairly certain I thought she was SO studious at the time. I would soon learn though that she was watching Glee which became a conjoining point in our friendship. I also agree I tried to drag her with me everywhere, especially because I thought it was strange that NO one knew who my roommates were.  (and she's so dang awesome that was criminal) Either way we're now really good friends, and I'm so glad to have her in my life for chinese food, ice cream, dance videos, romantic adventures, occasional accidental drownings during swimming lessons and so much more.

Love ya Bekah,

Hello, Universe!

Hello, Universe!
Welcome to this duo blog, where I am writing from Washington as Melissa types from Utah.

To start off this splendiferous blog, Let me take you on a trip down my vague memory lane to begin getting you up to speed:

I was once told that someone who had a handful of true friends in their whole life would be a truly blessed person. What an understatement!

I remember meeting Melissa as if it happened yesterday, (which is quite a statement because I have a horrible memory on most days...I wonder if she will remember it the same way?): I was sitting on my bed in an overheated apartment in Provo, Utah, immersed in Netflix and becoming quite good at shutting myself down from the outside world. I hear a knock on the door and my other roommate talking to a girl whose voice I didn't recognize. I attempted to ignore it, after all I didn't have time for such nonsense as reality for I was immersed in the world of fiction, when door to my room opened and there she was: Loud, smiling, and talking so much that there was a moment I thought I wouldn't ever be able to get in a space to say, "Hey, I'm Rebekah"..silly me! She was from Virginia and had just driven all that way with her folks. It made sense then why she was talking to much. New humans were around. It reminded me how I felt after a long car ride. Her socialness was such a fresh change to my other roommates' shy and soft-spoken personality and my.... lack of one.

The more she talked to my other roommate and I, the more I realized that her personality clicked with the social and talkative part of my own from back home. When she left to unpack her things, I attempted to submerge myself back into "Glee" while thinking over this new roommate of mine. Deep down, below the stupidity of shutting out the outside world to void out the feeling of being homesick, I knew that Melissa and I would be friends one day.

For a few days she attempted, and failed, at getting me out of the apartment to go and become social with her. A part of me was just waiting for her to give up like everyone else, but the other part was thankful for her constant presence and persistence of wanting to get to know me. Finally, I gave up my own attempts of shutting myself away from this new person in my life, and oh boy have I never regretted it.

Oh, the stories...the memories, the laughs, and inside jokes..a strong foundation to a now lifelong friendship

Just keep following and you will read what I mean, for along with memories from the past and conversations from the present, you will witness the minds of two very different, but very entertaining individuals....

Fingers crossed that we aren't just funny to each other....